A Personal Pet Project

So recently I’ve taken it upon myself to complete a “personal/pet” project.  It’s a project we’ve discussed countless times as a team over the past year — but other priorities have always pushed it to the back (way back of our priorities).  Recently, I knew I’d have a few days in between things we were working on, so I took this project on as a personal challenge.

The inspiration behind this project comes from a few vendors we use already: 37Signals, MailChimp and Wufoo. See, we use SaaS based software from each of these firms today for various business functions.  Besides their obvious benefits busienss wise, there was one reason why I even tried their offerings.  That reason is the crux behind this pet project.

I’ve been pretty vague about the project thus far and will apologize as I will continue to be for the remainder of this post.  See, I’m not quite ready to reveal it yet.  I just completed development this morning on the last piece and will now ship it off for testing.  Once testing is complete (hopefully within a week), I’ll then divulge.

So until then, take this quick 1 question survey and let me know what you think this project will be. http://shugo.wufoo.com/forms/what-will-this-project-be/ 

Once you do that, check out the full list of ideas submitted (if it’s blank, can you submit the first idea so I don’t look like a HUGE loser) – http://shugo.wufoo.com/reports/ricks-pet-project-ideas/

P.S. If you are among the two people who know what it is already, can you keep it quiet for me?


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