HUB Rewards – One of our 1st LOFT Apps

I have a friend named Dan. He’s actually my best friend and was the best man at my wedding. Dan and I took different career paths. I went the small business entrepreneurial route while Dan went the large enterprise/corporate path. My company has 6 employees while Dan’s has 153,000. See — both ends of the spectrum.

So why am I even sharing this? Because Dan receives special perks and discounts to meals, entertainment, everyday services (cell phone, etc…) and much more because he’s employed by Comcast. I on the other hand do not.

Dan Rick
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Thank about it: if you’re Verizon Wireless, doesn’t it make sense to offer 153,000 employees 10% off their cell phone plan? Even if only 5% take the offer, you’re adding 7,650 subscribers. With an average monthly bill of $100, you’re adding monthly revenue of $688,500. (Remember when you do the math to take the 10% discount out!)

As a business owner, I understand why one would offer perks/discounts to employees of large corporations. To reach the same employee base (153,000), businesses like Verizon would have to partner with 25,500 businesses like mine. Doesn’t make much sense on their part.

Am I jealous of Dan receiving benefits like this? Yes

Is it fair to employees of small businesses? No

So am I just writing this to b!tch? Nope

I’m sharing this as it has a tie into one of Shugo’s first LOFT apps for HUB: HUB Rewards. HUB Rewards is an employee reward/perk program available to employees of small businesses rivaling the discounts and offers employees of large corporations receive. By pooling the thousands of small businesses and their employees using HUB, we’re able to bring the same offers to an employee of a five person firm to employees of large enterprises.

Verizon now doesn’t have to partner which 25,500 small businesses. They submit their offer into the HUB Rewards program and are ensured of it’s distribution to a vast nationwide employer and employee base. It’s really a win/win for all parties involved.

For businesses submitting an offer/perk/discount, they reach a massive audience inside of a platform that employees and employers use daily (so you know they’ll see your offer).

For a payroll provider offering HUB to their clients, HUB Rewards offers a unique value-add for their clients.

For an employer, you now offer a program to your employees similar to that of Comcast and other large corporations. Best of all, you don’t have to lick a finger setting up partner relationships since they’re available right out of the box.

For employees, who doesn’t like dollars off meals and much more…

HUB Rewards is a pretty simple concept and one we’re excited to be offering soon. Phase 1 of development is almost complete and is scheduled for a late summer 2016 production release.



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