Introducing LOFT and HUB Rewards


Today’s a pretty special day. Personally it’s a day I’ve been waiting to see for a couple of years (and if you know me, you’ll know that patience is not a virtue I display all that often).

I’m excited to share that LOFT has been released and our first LOFT app, HUB Rewards is now available. My blog post from a few months back details HUB Rewards and the value we feel it brings to small businesses. But more importantly for me, I’ve been discussing our reward program for years.  It’s part of our mission to bring all we can to the small business community.


HUB Rewards provide exclusive perks and discounts to HUB users. Employee perks are closely tied to employee engagement and retention, and play a big role in recruiting new hires.

As further evidence of the value of HUB Rewards, I read an article on millennials recently and the things that matter to them most when it comes to work and their employer. Continually “perks” are cited as a differentiator since they show employees that their valued and that the organization wants them to be happy.

Think about folks that work at Google. Sure it’s prestigious to say you’re a Google employee. Sure your compensation is great but what do Google employees always gush over? They gush over the benefits and perks they receive from the company. It’s why Google is routinely named one of the Best Places to Work.

Now with HUB Rewards, every employer can add an additional benefit to the list of items it offers their employees.

For those who have LOFT enabled on their account, check out this article on how to enable a LOFT app.

For those who don’t have LOFT enable, notify our team at and we can turn it on for you immediately.


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