Why the new “home page”? Here’s what you can do with it

Recently, we undertook a development project to redesign our FileGuardian home page.  In fact I previously blogged about it and how I personally was just irritated every time I logged into FileGuardian and saw the archaic “What would you like to do?” question and options.

So we wanted to know what people really were doing when they logged into FileGuardian.  We found two prominent paths:

  1. Retrieve items from your inbox — typically most people only ever log into the FileGuardian website to retrieve items sent to them securely from clients and vendors.  Hence, they will log in and head directly to the My Files \ Inbox area. (Remember, to send files most people use the FileGuardian Outlook Plug-In).
  2. Maintain FGX+ rules — for a subset of our clients, FGX+ is a main navigation point.  Using FGX+, users setup clients with FileGuardian’s advanced report and employee check stub delivery options.

Taking that in, we also spoke with a few users to get their take.  Some users use FGX+ while other’s don’t.  The paths we saw above held true — those who don’t have FGX+ go straight to the inbox 90% of the time.  Those who have FGX+, go straight to FGX+ 90% of the time.  This lead to the new FileGuardian homepage — just released yesterday.

We wanted to provide more of an “email” look and feel which is why we have the main area to the left.  We took a lot of inspiration form Gmail and their simplistic layout which is why you see the big “Compose” button and ability to navigate to the “Inbox”, “Sent” items and soon to be added “FGX+” areas.  The “Compose” button will take you directly to the “Send A File” process built within the FileGuardian website.

The right hand side was meant to give you an overall feel on your own personal usage of FileGuardian along with easy access to modify aspects of your FileGuardian profile.  You have easy access to see how many files you’ve personally sent and received.  In addition, the bottom will display the feature-set you currently have enabled.

In in the inbox view, you’ll see the last 10 inbox items sent to your company will be displayed.  The subject of the inbox message is clickable and displays the full details of the message, including the files attached and sent to you securely.  Clicking on the file name (JulieSmith-NewEmployeeForm.docx) will securely download the file.

One of the other aspects of the new FileGuardian home page we is the search bar.  With this search bar, you can enter any company, recipient or FGX+ rule name and we’ll find any matches within FileGuardian.  Click on the match found and you’ll be taken to the appropriate area based on your selection.  It’s just a simple way to get where you want to go asap.

So there you have it.  A quick explanation of the new home page and why we included the features we did.  Have any questions — just let us know!


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