HUB Rewards

When we first announced our HUB concept a year ago at the TPG conference, I shared our goal to do all we can to reduce its per employee per month (PEPM) cost in any way possible as long as it didn’t infringe on the platform’s integrity.  In fact, I hoped that one day we could offer it for free – though that may be a pipe dream since my three growing children do need to eat (and believe me, they eat like crazy!). I’m excited to share that recent announcement of HUB Rewards is our first way to accomplish this goal.

What is HUB Rewards?

HUB rewards is an integrated employee reward and discount program offering employees exclusive offers and discounts on entertainment, meals and everyday services.  Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a 30% off coupon on movie tickets or 15% discount on your cell phone plan? These programs are typically special perks large corporations offer their employees, but why shouldn’t it be available for small businesses as well? At least that was our thinking!

Plus, many large payroll providers have similar employee discount programs offered to their clients. We thought we need to do all we can to provide our clients, the independent payroll provider, the same offering but make it better. One way we’re doing that is the direct integration of the reward program into HUB.  The programs offered by the “big guys” are separate systems for employees to sign into.  This means another website URL, username and password to remember — can you hear the support headaches mounting?

In fact, I was visiting a new Shugo partner the other week and they mentioned how their payroll is run by one of the “big guys”. Obviously I shared my disappointment in their choice but we got to talking about the reward program. They shared their employees never take advantage of it for the simple fact it was another system to access. If it had been integrated, employee usage and adoption would occur.

Customize HUB Rewards to your needs

One unique feature of HUB Rewards is that it’s completely customizable. It follows an opt-in model both for the payroll company and down to the individual end client level.  Shugo will be providing a macro list of available offers. Each payroll company can customize the offers to include in their own program. Don’t want to include restaurant offers since it may compete with some of your clients, then put the kabash on them in your reward program. You can customize down to the end client level so you don’t include hospitality offers to employees of a local hotel you service. And don’t worry, it won’t take much to manage since we’re doing all we can to make it easy.

Plus, each payroll company can add additional local offers to their reward program for a small monthly fee per offer. This is a great perk to offer current clients and close deal with prospects. Heck, it may even help build your sales pipeline by offering local businesses the opportunity to include offers in your reward program…”oh and by the way, who runs your payroll?”. For the local business itself submitting the offer, they’ll pay a small monthly fee (in the range of $50/month), but we think that’s one of the cheapest marketing options they’ll have.

HUB Rewards Timeframe

We’re on pace to launch a pilot program of the reward program in the summer. We have a few more spaces left in the pilot program so sign up asap if you want to join. Remember, it’s another perk you as a payroll company will now offer. Another differentiating feature that will help you increase customer satisfaction and sell more payroll.

Register now for the pilot program




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