HUB’s Digital Timesheet

A few months back, I spent time with a client and their team (executives, customer service and sales) reviewing HUB. They’ve been a client for a number of years and were really interested to see what HUB was all about, especially because they weren’t overly thrilled with the time and attendance solution their new payroll platform offered.

The good news: they wanted to start offering HUB immediately to their clients! Their sales team was even asking if they could show a prospect the following week!

The bad news: HUB was still not fully integrated with their new payroll platform (it is on track though by summer). As much a I wanted to say “Yes, share with your prospect”, it didn’t make sense yet.

Now why would I start a blog post titled “HUB’s Digital Timesheet” with that story? Because we wouldn’t be talking about a digital timesheet within HUB without that client session. I profess daily about how 75% of new features are directly attributable to our clients and this is just one example.

What’s a digital timesheet?

A digital timesheet is giving employees’ the ability to enter hours worked into HUB’s time and attendance solution without having to clock in/out each day. See many companies still use paper timesheets. At the end of the period, employees print out a paper timesheet and fill in the times they worked that week. That paper must then be approved by managers and sent to payroll for processing.

Now the poor payroll administrator has to type in each employees hours. This process is prone to errors (mis-keying 9 hours instead of 8) and takes a bit of time to complete. Imagine a 20 employee company processing payroll weekly where most employees work five days a week. This means that every year, there’s the chance for the payroll administrator to miskey hours a total of 5,200 times.

With digital timesheets, employees record their hours digitally. There’s no manual data entry by the payroll administrator since HUB can send approved employees hours over to payroll immediately! Can you hear payroll administrators rejoicing already?

Why a digital timesheet vs. clocking in/out?

The world of time and attendance strictly through clocking in/out may be a big change for many organizations. Employees are not use to clocking in immediately when they enter the office and clocking out right before leaving for the day (or even worse, before lunch and then clocking in again after lunch). And as we all know, we as humans are resistant to change!

We at Shugo endured this ourselves. Before we offered HUB, our employees didn’t utilize a time and attendance system. All are salary or paid for a flat number of hours each week. We decided to use HUB though to understand what it was like using our own designed system, plus understand the “change” it placed on our users. It’s really helped though! We’ve already made changes based off our own usage and in the end, I think it’s only going to make the product better.

Can you imagine an employee going from a paper timesheet to now having to clock in/out daily? Talk about shock! The good news is HUB’s digital timesheet will help with the transition. It acts as a replacement for the paper previously used so it’s not much different for the employee. Instead of writing on a piece of paper, you use the electronic version! Sign in to HUB and enter your hours for the entire week. Do it daily if you’d like or procrastinate to the last day of the pay period. It’s your choice!

And remember, payroll administrators will rejoice!  We’ve just saved them the potential of 5,200 data entry mistakes!


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