Pretty exciting that a few weeks ago we released HUB!

I best describe HUB as a company’s intranet — the one stop shop for their employees which includes:

  • Access to pay stubs and W2s
  • Company message board
  • Company document and link library
  • Time and attendance (employee can clock in/out)
  • PTO (employee can request PTO)

With HUB, an employee doesn’t need to sign into multiple systems to complete their payroll related tasks.  HUB provides that “single platform” that many payroll providers are searching for — especially for their 0-50 employee clients — and is accessible on any internet connected device: PC, Tablet, Smartphone, etc…

HUB HOmepage

HUB Homepage


Not just any Time and Attendance system

If you know us, you know we don’t want to just do the “norm”.  We like to spice things up a bit and provide optimized ways to simplify key tasks.  After talking with a number of clients, we found that the employees missed punch scenario occurs far too often and can be a source of pain for both the employee and their administrator.

That got us thinking — there has to be a better way to resolve those situations which resulted in the birth of HUB’s MULLIGAN process.  If you play golf, you’re probably familiar with a mulligan, if not check out it’s definition here.

So think about it – I, as the employee, go to HUB at the end of the day/shift to clock out but realize I completely forgot to clock in earlier.  Or I go to clock in at the start of my shift and see I forgot to clock out last night before leaving.  What am I to do?  Contact my supervisor to have them manually fix my missed clock? Sounds like a time drain eh?

Not with HUB — I just request a mulligan.  This process enables me to share when the clock should’ve occurred which is routed to my supervisor for immediate approval.  Best of all, HUB facilitates the entire workflow for the employee and supervisor.  A picture/video is worth a thousand words, so check out the process for yourself.

Not just any document and link library

There’s plenty of payroll related systems that have integrated document and link libraries — so once again we wanted to find a way to be different.  We know that sometimes a company will share very important information with employees and would like to have the employee acknowledge that they’ve received/read the information. So with HUB, a document or link can be tagged to require employee read receipts.

When an item is tagged this way, the employee will be prompted within HUB to download the item and then verify that it’s been read by clicking the “I acknowledge I’ve read this item” checkbox (they can choose to ignore the prompt — but the next time they enter HUB they’ll be annoyed again!). HUB will record the read receipt with the current date/time, employee’s IP address and browser utilized.

We felt the read receipt would be perfect for employee handbooks, internal policy changes, notification of new benefit plans, etc…

Not just for PCs

As I shared above, HUB was not built just for PC usage. We view mobile access to HUB as extremely important and something that will grow with the continual increase of smartphone usage. HUB can be accessed on any smartphone and we are nearing completion of iPhone and Android apps which will streamline the process of accessing HUB mobile.

We realized though that not every company would want their employees to be able to use HUB’s time clock capability on mobile phones. As a result, HUB administrators can turn on/off mobile clock in capabilities.  The good news is that turning off mobile clock in will not restrict the employees from accessing HUB on their phone — it’ll just restrict the ability to clock in/out from that device. The employee may still want to access HUB for their pay stubs, W2, etc…

If mobile clock in/out is available, the process is simple for the employee. Again a picture/video is worth a thousand words so here’s a short clip.

Pretty simple isn’t it?  Oh and maybe in a later post I’ll describe how an employee could clock in/out of HUB via text messaging (yes I said text messaging but once again only if it’s allowed by their company administrator).

Ready for a HUB demo?

If you’d like to see a demo of HUB, let me know and we’ll get it scheduled!


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