Transparency — our development schedule

I think software companies feel like it’s “taboo” to publish their current development schedule based off of fear.  Fear of publishing estimates and failing to deliver them and fear of disappointing clients that a specific feature/request they need isn’t on the “active” todo list. Fair enough – but I’m not the same.

To ease fear #1 — I always try to be up front and honest when we have delays.  For example, we originally had a feature slated for release on 6/2 slide a bit. The main reason for the slide was a death in one of our team members family that set us back a week. The clients I knew this affected the most were emailed immediately. The response I received was outstanding — all appreciated my honesty and communication — actually made me think that many don’t do the same.

So here’s our current development schedule (as of 6/3 at 7:15 am EDT):

  • Employee Benefit Statement delivery for MPAY users – 6/9 (if you’d like to learn more, let me know)
  • PUSH – Payroll Input Reminders for PayChoice, MPAY and Evolution – 6/20
  • Payroll Network quarterly report request – end of June
  • Integration of Client ID into PUSH messages for PayChoice, MPAY and Evolution – July
  • HUB internal Alpha – July
  • HUB early adopters – August

That’s it for now — I’ll do my best to keep this up to date and share any changes that may crop up. If you have something you’d like to see fall on this list, let me know.


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