Payroll Input Reminder Design

UPDATE:See our UI Design mockup here


Are you like many other payroll companies we talk to and have clients who continually forget to input/submit their payroll?  There’s nothing like a Friday check date and not receiving pay information until Thursday at noon from the client.

To help combat this, many payroll companies have implemented a “system” to remind clients that payroll input is due. I say “system” lightly since it’s really not a system – more a manual task completed by the payroll service team.  The process is simple: communicate with the client either via email or phone reminding them.

The fact is it’s a time drain. You could support more clients per service rep if the reps were concentrating on just payroll – not babysitting clients (maybe babysitting is a bit harsh, but you get the point).

If you have this “system”, the email below probably looks familiar.


Payroll Reminder – 5/17


Hi Jim,

This is a friendly reminder that your payroll needs to be submitted by 3:00 PM today for your Friday check date.


Payroll Service

Simple enough — but creating the new email, selecting the “To” recipients and typing in the subject and body takes a minute or two.  A minute or two of wasted time.  A phone call will be longer – especially if you have chatty clients or payroll service reps.  If you do this for 30-60 clients daily, that’s an hour of time wasted daily and 5 hours weekly.

PUSH to the rescue

With PUSH, automated payroll input reminders to clients can be configured.  PUSH will send client reminder text message or email alerts “x” days before check date and even keep on following up with a client at a designated frequency.

To give you an idea of how PUSH will do this think about your Outlook calendar.  You set an appointment and have Outlook remind you in advance via a popup that the appointment is about to come due.  If you’re like me, you receive the first appointment popup alert and click “snooze”.  Five minutes later, the second reminder displays.  You once again hit “snooze” until you finally head to the appointment.

PUSH will be similar:

–          The appointment = payroll check date

–          The initial reminder = you schedule PUSH to send client payroll input reminders “x” days before check date at a specified time for the client.  For example: send the payroll input at 10 am three days before check date.

  • NOTE: If FGX is being used to deliver payroll reports for the client and reports for this check date have processed already, the initial alert won’t be sent (we won’t want to annoy the client J )

–          The follow-up reminder = you schedule PUSH to include a “recurring” reminder to the client. For example: send reminders to the client every 30 minutes but stop after 4 reminders.

  • NOTE: Again if FGX is delivering reports to the client and they process, the follow-up reminders will be discontinued.  If FGX is not delivering reports to the client, then the follow-up reminders may not make that much sense (maybe just a single follow-up will suffice 60 minutes after the initial reminder).

Simple enough?  Would you change/add anything?  If so, let me know.


Our plan: available early June for PayChoice and MPAY users. Most likely 6/2 or 6/9.


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