Announcing HUB

The day has finally arrived…we’ve announced the coming of HUB at the TPG conference in Austin, TX. Wow, pretty exciting and I’m shocked we were able to keep it in this long.  Thanks to everyone who attended in Austin — I was worried we weren’t going to receive a big turnout but boy was I wrong!

For those who weren’t at the announcement, visit for a brief HUB overview.

What’s HUB in a nutshell?

HUB is the one-stop shop for 1-50 employee companies – your client’s intranet portal for all employee related needs:

  • Pay stub delivery/archive
  • W2 delivery/archive
  • Web/Mobile/Text time clock
  • PTO request workflow
  • Online document repository
  • Company message board
  • PUSH alerts

It pained me to continually see employees having to access multiple “singular” function systems (funny enough – we were part of the problem). HUB brings it all together under one roof.

Why are we building HUB?

Good question and there’s a simple answer — because of our clients. We were approached by a handful looking for different aspects of HUB to be incorporated into the existing FGX pay stub/w2 delivery. We thought rather than incorporating them as one-offs, why not create an application consisting of them all.

How you can help with HUB?

As we build new features, we’ll be posting designs on this blog looking for your thoughts.  We don’t know all the answers so we need your help: Is the design good? Can it be tweaked here or there for improvement? How should we handle this specific situation?

Let’s make HUB a collaborative product — one we know you and your clients will benefit from. Please know, your feedback is important. We may not incorporate EVERY bit of it but we need to hear/see it to make sure we’re going down the right path.

How you can help today?

Yes — visit that link again ( and sign up at the bottom to be an early adopter.  As new features are designed/developed, we’ll give you the inside scoop on them before anyone else. Plus, once V1 of HUB is ready for release (we expect mid-summer), you’ll be the first taking it for a drive!


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