Guest Blog: Kevin Welch, TLC Payroll

I’m excited to announce our first guest blog: “Does having more paperless payroll clients really make life easier?”, by Kevin Welch, President and CEO of TLC Payroll. 

One of the most impressive things I’ve seen from Kevin is how focused he is on local business and it’s promise to the community:

“We promise to keep your payroll precise, your people pleased, and to drastically reduce your paperwork. And we promise to act like a dedicated member of your team. We’ll be Timely. Local. and we’ll always be Committed.”

It’s astonishing that in just a few short years of business, TLC is now approaching 500 clients. As a former PayChex employee, Kevin understands what you are up against when competing against the “big” payroll providers and has identified ways to win.

One key to TLC’s success is paperless payroll.  To see how it’s benefited TLC, read Kevin’s blog below.

Does having more paperless payroll clients really make life easier?

By Kevin Welch, President and CEO of TLC Payroll

Yes. Let me restate that, YES!! (Though you probably already knew that.)

As you know our industry has been very paper intensive. Employees need their checks and check stubs, managers need their payroll and time clock reports, and owners need ALL of this and more! Once you break down the cost of the paper, toner, printer maintenance, and don’t forget the payroll cost for the employee to handle all these steps with paper, it’s frightening.

Can Payroll Providers “help” their clients go paperless?

I wasn’t a believer a couple years ago, though I have come around. Starting TLC Payroll in 2010, I thought the ratio of paperless clients vs paper clients was the luck of the draw. Well, I was wrong, and I should have known better.

We’re about to hit the 500 client mark and the percentage of newer clients coming onboard that are paperless vs paper is night and day to where it was in 2010. Don’t get me wrong, I want that percentage to be even more in favor of paperless from what it is today. We’re still working on some of our original clients to go paperless, but we’re moving quickly in the right direction.

Two Musts:

Team Members: Having the right team members in place is crucial. If your entire team isn’t striving for the same goal, your business is like a game of bumper cars, not heading in the same direction. If one team member is off track, it’s affecting the company’s bottom line, the team members earning potential, and causing headaches.

Tools: So now you have the right team in place but if you don’t have the right tools in place, it’ll be almost as effective as having your favorite baseball player going to the batter’s box without a bat. Three main examples that have allowed TLC to be more aggressive in our effort to have more paperless clients, was to have the right Paycards, Shugo Offerings, and Time Clock in place.

  • PayCard: Every team member (operations and sales) has the electronic application for a pay card available at all times. They are also trained to know how to bring this up to clients that are still using paper checks.
  • SHUGO/PUSH: The offerings SHUGO brought to our industry is genius. I’m not just saying this, trust me – they’re Philadelphia Flyer fans so I’m not trying to be extra nice. (Sorry, I’m a bitter Sharks fan.) Once you evaluate SHUGO/PUSH, I challenge anyone to prove to me that it won’t help their business. Here at TLC, it’s a blanket policy that ALL clients and client’s employees are put onto this service.
  • Time Clock: We currently use a few partners in the time clock industry, as well as a time clock we’ve built ourselves. All options have their plusses and minuses, though if you bring your client to the right fitting time clock for their needs, your efficiencies and chance for paperless payroll drastically increases.

Trying to make payroll, time clock needs, and other light employee offerings into one offering is what I believe will give us the complete tool to have 99% of our clients go paperless. One can only dream, right?

The Result.

We buy less paper, checks, envelopes, and toner. We also incur less printer and inserter maintenance charges. Possibly the most important point is that our team members have less headaches with paperless payrolls, less chance for human error, and their time on more revenue generating items.

Once you show your clients you have the perfect tools in place for their paperless needs and show how excited you are about it, they’ll give it a try! The clients that make the conversion absolutely love the switch.


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