My 24 hour (or sometimes longer ) rule

For those that know me personally, you know I’m a very emotional and up front person. I don’t have trouble saying what I’m thinking even though sometimes it may not be 100% appropriate. Sometimes this proves to be a tremendous value — other times though it can get me in hot water. But I like to be an open book sharing everything about myself personally and professionally. Little is off limits which I’m sure my wife probably LOVES :).

I like being up front and honest.  I think it’s valuable when building an organization, especially an organization that services other companies. I hope it gives all the we work with, employees, clients, vendors and partners, the peace of mind of knowing that I’m not BS’ing you like others may.

I’ll thank my mother for making me an emotional and matter of fact individual. My father can attest, I’m so much like her in this respect (well probably I’m like her in many respects). In fact since we’re so much alike, we tend to butt heads a bit. So thank you Mom for sculpting me this way – just remember I’m like this because of you :).

Me, Camryn and Mom at Camryn’s Baptism

Even though I see being emotional as a tremendous asset, it can also be a detriment. Sometimes decisions need to be made logically – i.e. it needs to be thoughtful and free from just an emotional response. That’s why I try to follow the 24 hour rule. When a larger decision needs to be made, I like to give myself at least 24 hours to think about it.  When I receive an email that illicits an instant internal emotional response, I give it 24 hours before I respond.

See after 24 hours, I tend to think clearer. I tend to be more rationale. Plus, I use that time to reach out to mentors and advisors to get their options (right Dad, Rob, Dave, Jim and Chuck). I think talking to them helps me relieve the emotion and clear my head to the real matter at hand. So if you’re like me, try the 24 hour rule. See if it helps you break free from the emotional response and replace it with a more logical, thoughtful answer.


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