New Feature: Secure Email

We’ve been asked by a number of clients over the years if FileGuardian supports secure email. The simple answer has always been no, but you can save the message text as a standard text file and send that securely through FileGuardian.  We focused on securely delivering files but not securing the email message itself.

Well this is about to change or maybe by the time you read this it has changed. On Sunday September 30th, FileGuardian will now support secure email. If you create a message within FileGuardian but don’t attach any files, the message body will be secured. It will be stored encrypted and only decrypted once a valid recipient has been authenticated.

Everything will work pretty much the same way as it does currently within FileGuardian. Delivery confirmation receipts will still be available, message retention will still apply, security auditing will still occur, etc… The only difference is that the message won’t have any files attached, rather the message body will be secured.

Below is a set of screenshots depicting the workflow of a secure message creation to recipient view to read receipt.

Message Creation

1. You create the secure email message to your client (this will also work with the FileGuardian Outlook Plug-In).  Notice that no files are selected.

2. FileGuardian confirms you’d like to send a secure email and not attach files.

3. Upon confirmation, your secure email will be sent.

Client Receipt

1. Client receives a notification email that a secure message is awaiting their attention.  Notice the secured message body is not displayed.

2. Once the client clicks on the unique message link, they’ll be prompted to enter their assigned access code/password.

3. Once authenticated, the client can view the details of the secure email.

Read Receipt

If you’ve chosen to receive a read receipt as the sender, an email notification will be sent to you.


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