New Design — You have a secure file to download

As I shared with many, I’m picky. VERY PICKY! Especially about the way things look and feel.

I have no formal art background or training, but I know what I like and I’m pretty stubborn to ensure I always get the look I’m aiming for. I’ve struggled the last few years with the ugly and dull “you have a file to download” email that FileGuardian sends to anyone receiving a file securely through our system. Take a look at it for yourself.

Pretty boring, plain, dull, rigid and any other term you’d use to describe it. So this week I decided it was time to freshen it up. Completely overhaul the look and feel. Make it fresh, clean and simple. The result is the new “File Download” email below (if it looks a bit blurry, click on the image to see it fully).

So what terms would you use to describe it now?  Did we achieve our goal of fresh, simple and clean?


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