The new “Coffee Scale”

What’s with the coffee scale?

Where can the coffee scale be found?

What the heck is it? Well – we wanted to have some fun plus make it evident how affordable FileGuardian truly is for small businesses. If you know me well, you know I don’t have a sales background. I’m learning but it still doesn’t come all that naturally to me.

For my own progression, I’ve enlisted the help of my dad who’s spent over 30 years in sales management. One thing he believes in is breaking down charges to the lowest common denominator — like a per day fee vs. a per month fee. Once you do this you truly see how affordable a service like FileGuardian is.

So that was really the origin of the coffee scale — breaking down FileGuardian subscription fees to a per day price. We’re big Dunkin Donuts fans so we thought about how FileGuardian can be less than a cup of coffee per day (we used a medium cup of coffee as our barometer since that’s the size we typically get).

So there it is — the brief origin of the coffee scale.  (Secretly though, I  think it makes the plans page look pretty fun 🙂 )


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