New FileGuardian “Home” Page Designs

So – it’s time.  It’s time to remove that drabby “What would you like to do?” question and hideous images below.  Before I do, let me explain how we even started with that.

When we began Shugo, it was originally a 3 partner venture.  One of my partners was a graphic artist and marketing expert who is super talented.  We knew in everything we did, we needed to carry around the motto of: security made simple.  I joked that my parents (both in their early 60’s and not very computer savvy) must be able to sign into FileGuardian and immediately know what to do.

So my partner came up with the original design of the FileGuardian homepage.

Over time, I’ve grown weary of this design and honestly so have a few clients.  One in particular kept reminding me each time his team went into FileGuardian, they typically went in to download a file sent to them (they use the FileGuardian Outlook Plug-In to send files so they rarely used the “Send A File” web method).  In addition, my original two partners have since left on their own accords — leaving me to carry the design torch.

So it’s time.  It’s time for a fresh new look and feel.  If you read any earlier posts of mine, you’ll know I’m not a graphic designer.  What I like to do is study what some successful companies have done and take aspects of their design but tweak them a bit to meet our needs.  Below are the new designs I’m working on.

So I listened and initially — the list of files sent to our clients will be displayed. It’s really like a standard Yahoo or Gmail inbox.  On the right, you’ll see a quick summary of the current user logged in.  It’s just a simple way to see what you’ve really done in FileGuardian and the features your user account has enabled.

Clicking on “Sent” in the left menu will display the latest files sent by our client — with some filter options.


So what do you think?  A marked improvement?  Are there things that could be done better?  Are you going to miss the old design?  Let me know so I can incorporate your feedback into our final version.

P. S.  Can you guess which companies/applications inspired my design?  I’ll give you a hint: there are two and both are very large companies.  

Anyone who guesses both correctly, I’ll send a small piece of Shugo schwag.


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