Shugo Office – Guided Tour

So the past few days, I spent down south.  Well let me clarify – “south” to a boy who grew up in Philadelphia is any state below New Jersey.  So south really meant my time the past few days in Richmond, VA with the folks at Dominion Payroll and Rockville, MD with the team at Payroll Network.  Why is that important — well if you saw the offices both of these businesses have — you’ll see why I was inspired to post pictures of the Shugo office today.

Both offices have just a unique feel about them.  From the brick walls that adorn the Dominion offices to the branded glass entrance sign at Payroll Network, there’s just a feeling you get when walking into both.  So before I divulge the Shugo office, here’s my favorite part of each office I visited this week:

Dominion — well I already said it, but the vintage brick walls are just awesome.  Such a rustic feel — something I truly would love to have in our office.

Payroll Network — the generous use of glass, specifically on the conference and break room walls.  The use of glass as a “divider” just tends to open up the space, given it somewhat a “modern” feel.

Without further ado, the pictural gallery of the Shugo office.

Entrance View
Yep, that’s the same IKEA rug in the Jersey Shore house — how ironic.

Welcome...Do you notice the SlyFox beer bottles on the red cabinet? They're our favorite piece of furniture!

Shugo Logo Wall

Shugo logo hand-painted on the wall. Little bit of branding 🙂

Conference Room
Whenever we sign up a new client, we print out a copy of the security certificate we send to them. It’s a little way we remind ourselves daily of who depends on us.

Conference room wall -- wallpapered with security certificates of all our clients

Conference Room – Shugo Nameplate
Just another simple branding piece we’ve integrated — and a better look at the conference room wallpaper.

Shugo nameplate that adorns our conference room wall -- it interrupts the client certificate wallpaper though.

Our Kick-@$$ Chairs
Luckily, a good friend is the showroom manager at a large office furniture retailer. She hooked is up with these awesome chairs (along with a bunch of other awesome furniture).

Our kick-@$$ chairs. Love that the red matches the "Shugo red".

View from my office chair
Yeah — pretty simple but some important pieces: Family picture with my wife & two little ones (4 & 3 years old), Beaver Stadium Penn State football mask (from when my dad went to Penn State), MBA diploma, Phillies opening day baseballs, small replica Stanley Cup (hopefully the real one will be in Philly this year) and books I’ve read which I’ve grown from (boring business books).

Boring view from my office chair

So there it is. Pretty simple but a few things I really like in our office:

  • The striped wall and Shugo logo in the entrance view
  • The wood floors — we just put them in 2 months ago
  • The conference room wallpaper — we need a bit more to get the whole room covered.

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