Give your accountant referral partners something FREE

Want a way to thank your accounting referral partners for all their help this past year?  Would you like to give them something unique for free?  If so, we’ve prepared a unique offering just for you.

At Shugo, we work with a number of payroll companies to help secure data.  Through conversations with our clients, we  found that many have a number of referral partners in the accounting industry.  These accounting firms are truly partners in ever sense of the word as they are responsible for a number of payroll referrals.  In short, they help grow a payroll company’s client base by word of mouth referrals.

It’s flattering when you think about it:  someone thinks so highly of your business that they go out of their way to mention you to someone else.

What better way to thank them, providing something free that could truly aid their business.  We’re happy to announce for our second straight year our end of year accounting program: “Shugo Accountant-palooza”.

  • Sponsor a Shugo hosted free online security webinar – “5 Tips to Secure Your Accounting Business”
  • Provide free FileGuardian accounts for the entire 2012 tax season – (that’s right, your accounting referral partners can create a FileGuardian user account and enjoy FileGuardian’s security for free until 4/16/2012)
Have questions or ready to get started? Contact me for co-branding offer sheets and marketing material you can share with your accounting partners.  We look forward to making this year’s Accountant-palooza as successful as last years!

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